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About Us

HD Media manufacturing was one of the most dynamic and volatile environment. In late 90s and early 2,000, a disk rolled out of the fully automated line at approximately 6.5 seconds and areal density doubled every 18 months.

In 1996, a small group of engineers from Mitsubishi Chemical Singapore were selected and sent to Japan’s headquarter and research centre to undergo extensive training in HD Media manufacturing technology. Learning from the elite group of engineers and scientists of Mitsubishi Chemical, these engineers were later responsible for technology transfer from Japan to Singapore. It was a massive operation involved hundreds of millions of dollars and a situation for the engineers to utilize and demonstrate their knowledge and skills, very much similar to soldiers sent to real battle field. Singapore plant was finally fully operational in 1998.

SOLVE was founded in 2005 by these engineers who had previously worked in HD Media’s high speed and dynamic mass production environment. SOLVE had accumulated more than a decade of experience in developing customized mass production machines.

To stay ahead in terms of technology, SOLVE collaborates frequently with major research institutes in Singapore and the US acquires modern technologies in various field.

Advancing technology from the laboratory into mass production ultimately requires careful study of manufacturing system issues including product design, reliability and quality, process design and control. Today, SOLVE is a research-based machine design house very familiar with the route to bring the fruits of research outside the laboratory into the industries, a term we called “Harvest Technology”.

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