T – Up Excellence Award 2015

Winner Dr Guo Hong Chen (left)
with Mr Koh Teng Hwee, Managing
Director of SOLVES

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Winner of the T-Up Excellence Award, Dr Guo Hong Chen takes pride in “Chameleon“, a product that he has co-created with the team at SOLVES Innovative Technology Pte Ltd (SOLVES) over three years.

“Chameleon”  is an apparatus to mass-produce coloured fasteners (e.g. screws for the microelectronic industry)  in large volumes by depositing ultra-thin films onto them.The thickness of films can be precisely controlled such that the refraction would  produce vivid colours  onto these fasteners for easier identification.These films can also provide anti-corrosion properties.

The technology  behind “Chameleon”  is the Computational fluiddynamic Assisted Synchronous Controlled (CASC) Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). “Chameleon”  also utilises a high performance computer to simulate reactant gas flow in a vacuum chamber for complex  3D surfaces.

“Working with  Dr Guo Hong Chen has been a pleasant experience. He is very helpful,hard-working, and fits seamlessly into our team. I appreciate his relentless enthusiasm to utilise his scientific knowledge  for industrial applications,” commented  Mr Koh Teng Hwee,Managing Director of SOLVES.

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