CASC ALD® (CFD Assisted Synchronous Controlled ALD)

When working with industrial partners and research institutes in the field of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), SOLVE developed a model utilizing computer simulations to aid the design of ALD vacuum chambers and reactant gas distribution systems. By running simulations in high performance computers aerodynamics of reactant gases are optimized in vacuum chambers of different sizes and shape achieving high quality deposition and reduce cycle time.

These techniques were named CASC® ALD. “CASC” stands for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Assisted Synchronous Controlled. It is shown that simulated results are highly reliable.

ALD cannot work alone to achieve good quality deposition, other supporting processes such as washing and drying are essential. SOLVE had tailor-made a complete process specially dedicated to perform ALD on Hard Disk Drive’s precision mechanical components. It comprises of a series of processes: the thin film deposition processes itself and all other essential supporting processes specially designed to ensure consistent quality and facilitate process control the whole process is known as VPN (Vacuum Precision Nano‐deposition). Nano‐deposition refers to thin film thickness measured from tens of Angstroms to Nanometer. VPN® and Hard Disk Drive’s component is a perfect match because the deposition virtually does not alter the dimensions and add weight most importantly, it produces a cleanliness standard unparalleled by any other deposition techniques.

VPN® is adaptable for research applications as well as industrial high volume production.


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