Customized & Standard ALD Apparatus

Customized ALD Apparatuses

Besides the semiconductor industry, most ALD apparatus available on the market currently is mainly for general research purposes. SOLVE intends to serve those who want more.

SOLVE offers fully configurable ALD systems; the user specifies the object of deposition, expected throughput and film thickness. Our CASC ALD® is specially developed to tailor-made ALD equipment for special needs. By running simulations in high performance computers and accumulated empirical data; aerodynamics of reactant gases and their distribution inside a vacuum chamber can be optimized to achieve uniform deposition on complex 3D objects, minimize consumable usage and reduce cycle time. SOLVE is able to offer automated cleaning and handling systems if needed.

Above photograph shows a 40 core HPC with 90 GB of memory.

For high speed high volume production adopting ALD process, although increasing vacuum chamber size will accommodate more quantities, it lengthens cycle time exponentially. On the other hand, increasing flow rate may shorten cycle time but it tends to incur turbulent flow that is not desirable in ALD reaction.

The ability to balance between vacuum chamber size and cycle time, and at the same time maintaining laminar flow is an important knowhow in high throughput ALD operation.

Photographs show a fully customized ALD system.
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