Erosion Accelerated Test

Erosion Accelerated Test

Wind Turbine is one of the most affluent green energies available on earth today. Turbine diameter as big as 150 m generating more than 5 MW is built and installed in many wind farms all over the world.

At the outer diameter, the turbine blade may travel at a linear speed of 200~250 m/s rain drops hitting the turbine at such speed can erode the turbine surface easily.

Special coating needs to put on the turbine blade to protect it from erosion. In order to study the effectiveness of existing coatings or new development, accelerated tests are needed.

Working with one of the world biggest European Wind Turbine builders, we developed the technique to produce water droplets of various diameters at speed as high as 250 m/s and at very high frequency. These droplets are directed to hit on a target board made of specific material and coating. High speed camera was used to capture the droplet and impact. This enable the production of 20 year coating erosion data within minutes.


High Speed camera captured water droplet at 101 m/s, landed on a target board

High Speed camera captured water droplet at 260 m/s, landed on a target board

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