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The bee’s nest exhibits an intelligent and efficient design — the honeycomb is a hexagonal structure creating a lattice of cells within a given volume by using the least materials. In engineering, the honeycomb structure is one of the most valued structural innovations developed by human, mimicking the bee’s nest. It is used extensively in aerospace and many other industries providing many benefits over conventional materials especially for its very low weight and high stiffness.


SOLVE’s logo was enthused by the honeycomb, as it can be seen with a total of 8 hexagonal geometric contours.

First, the logo is intentionally shown in perspective view, which illustrates what human eyes actually see when looking at a real object.  This denotes our vision to contribute to the needs of humanity.

The logo consists of two “U” shape structures – cubes connected by round rods much like the straight member and node of an architectural Truss structure.  This signifies engineering strength and unity.

The letter “S” is formed only when the two “U” members are arranged in a specific manner and viewed at a specific angle (“right manner” and “right angle”). this represents our persistent in upholding the right values.

The cube in the logo exhibits a hexagonal contour, this symbolizes that truth may not be the way it seems to be superficially.  This reminds us the need to look at a problem from different angles.

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