Technology Commercialization


Successful commercialization of scientific and technological innovations, besides being a crucial driving force to spur economic growth, may provide valuable solutions to important social problems and creating jobs.

Commercialization is the process that converts ideas, research, or prototypes into sellable products; it involves formulating the manufacturing and supply chain strategies, devising implementation plans, and implementing such plans etc. Commercialization is a necessary step for commercial success for innovations coming from research efforts, start-up companies and ventures.

Among all commercialization processes, manufacturing, which involves mechanization and automation, is one of the most important steps towards product realization, all others being strategical.

SOLVE has been collaborating with research communities in new technology commercialization, devising innovative automatic mechanisms to make mass-production possible; producing products with consistent quality, high yield and at low cost.

Photograph shows a prototype of HD media drying machine using centrifugal force. Super-clean isolated high speed spindle was the main innovation.
Photographs show a prototype of Double-side Nanoimprinter.
Photographs show a patented high speed Final Tape Burnishing Machine. Customized linear air bearings were the main innovation.
Photograph shows a fully customized high speed high precision servo spindle able to run at 10,000 RPM, fully isolated bearing completely prevents lubricant contamination.
Photograph shows a prototype of a new generation Voice Coil Texturizer able to oscillate at 100 Hz.
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