Thermal NIL


Thermal NIL

Ti 60.250.4 is a simple, stand-alone small footprint Thermal Nano-imprinter built with complete features.Imprint can be done at a temperature up to 300°C,by 60 bars gas pressure and within a 10 millibar vacuum.

Imprint Pressure acts on a 0.05 mm thick stainless steel membrane,pressing the polymer substrate against the mould,distributes force uniformly, achieving true CONFORMAL Contact. The result is precise replication of features. The sandwiching plates had gone through “Sub-zero” heat treatment process, minimizing the thermal expansion effect which may be undesirable to Thermal Nano-imprint. The two faces sandwiching the mould and the substrate were lapped and mirror polished to a flatness < 0.5 micron.

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